Life as a Stylist & Floral Designer

Hello! I am Lowee, the creative director of Merrylove Weddings and floral designer of Keira Floral.

Thank you for visiting our website and following our works online, it is a great honour to be able to share our styling works with you.

We first started our creative works building floral designs for Keira Floral - the brand we began four years ago. During my teenage years, I always wanted to be a psychologist so I studied psychology when I was in polytechnic and university. I was always curious about understanding human behaviour and aspired to be in humanitarian work. Being an entrepreneur was the last thing I ever wanted to be because I did not think that I would be good in running a business.

But sometimes life teases you in a different way and you end up taking routes that are a little from your peers. Upon graduating from university, I thought I had a good window opportunity to explore some of my interests before committing to a full time office job. That was also about the time when Instagram was gaining popularity. I chanced upon beautiful Instagram feeds on floral arrangements, created by both local and overseas vendors and I thought it would be really cool to create one of my own. I dived straight into the world of floristry with a simple motivation like this.

A typical day for me would be waking up early and beginning mornings with breakfast at home. I would check our email for enquiries and ensure that the customers' orders for flowers are fulfilled by the team and delivered on time. You would be able to spot me at the local flower nurseries where I love picking fresh seasonal blooms to include into our floral arrangements . At other times, I would be cracking my brain on creating content to engage with our online audience and brainstorming on ways to increase our sales.

We also plan for meetings with clients to discuss floral designs needed for their weddings or events. Whenever possible, I would dedicate time to study flowers and experiment crafting with seasonal flowers or colours that I am less familiar with.

People often ask us for our tips and tricks to working with colours and creating styles of our own.

When I began as a floral designer with Keira Floral, I had zero knowledge and no experience crafting with flowers. I spent a huge amount of my time browsing Pinterest and studying portfolios of floral designers whom I adore. I observe what images are aesthetically more powerful and engaging than others and with time, I set my own benchmark of what I think makes beautiful floral works. When you create your own benchmarks, you are beginning to build your own styles. You realise that you are drawn to a particular style of images or works and you need to know why. How would you describe those styles that you saved on your Pinterest board? However, just observation is not enough. You need to start crafting, experimenting and immersing yourself in the process of trial and error - practice makes improvements.

When we expanded our creative works to include styling for weddings and events, my Pinterest board started to include images that were more architectural, interior design etc. These genre of images gave my team and I inspiration to create bespoke styling for our clients. They may not be directly relevant to weddings and events but they spoke of a same topic - how do we go about defining the space we have and how do we want to make people feel when they are in that space? What stories or messages do we want to convey? As we took on stylist roles for our clients' projects, our day to day schedules start to include creating moodboards, site visits, material sourcing, rough sketches and executing projects that require personalised styling.

Our floral designs and styling works are very much influenced by our experiences with Nature. We love the quirky shaped plants, flowers that chose not to bloom and the playful wildlife one can spot in the vast fields next to a mountain. You would find our works to be organic, free-spirited and happy. We love colours that are a little muted, raw, earthy and dreamy and we infuse these into our clients' stories. At the end of the day, our team believes that one can draw inspiration from our experiences and from the everyday environment we are in. To access those inspirations, you need to be patient, at ease with yourself and then pay attention to small details that are often overlooked. Most important of all, do not forget to rejoice in being present in this very moment of life.