Here at MerryLove, we wear many hats but we’re stylists above all. Be it weddings, shoots, parties or even corporate events, just give us a space and we’d be excited to make it pretty. Behind every merrily-styled celebration, we devote hours of research, designing, budgeting, crafting, sourcing and liaison; anything to fulfil a bespoke look that is worthy of the occasion. It’s a lot of work and late nights, but that’s okay, because we love seeing it all come together!

Our styling service includes:

  1. Creative Direction : Concept, design & planning of venue decor to achieve desired mood & feel
  2. Materials & Props Rental : Sourcing & production of rental props & decor materials
  3. Execution & Logistics : Site visits, delivery arrangements, setting up & tearing down of space


To Note!

♦   We’re a small team, so we accept only a limited number of bookings
per month, so as to ensure we dedicate sufficient time to each project.

♦   It’s best to come to us at least 3 to 6 months before your
celebration date, so we have ample time for preparation.

♦   We only accept bookings up to 12 months in advance.

♦   Styling is a process that starts with conceptualization,
so it’s best to come to us first before you start buying any decor props on your own!

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