About Us 1

Thank you for being here. My name is Shuying and I’m the founder and chief slave elf of MerryLove Weddings. We are a small team of elves dedicated to making weddings pretty. Not that the occasion requires any adornment to make it special; we just like spaces to reflect just how exceptional the day is for the couple and the people they love. As wedding stylists, our work includes staring at Pinterest all day long, hunting for pretty props from all over the world and forever trying to make space in our filled-to-the-brim warehouse. Think of us as interior designers for your wedding; we conceptualize, design and fill the wedding venue with just the right amount of words, props, flowers and colours, so your wedding album would look cohesive and coordinated at every turn of the page.

I started styling with my own wedding in 2012 and haven’t been able to stop since. If you’re a do-it-yourself kinda bride like me, our rental collection or wedding shoppe should be of some help. The process can get tough (no kidding, glitter everywhere) but it’s mostly a lot of fun, especially when you have friends and family pitch in. Have fun crafting and treasure hunting!

Just like splash painting on a blank canvas, there are so many possibilities (and uncertainties!) in personalizing a wedding. May MerryLove be a platform of inspiration, encouragement and support for brides in their happily arduous journey of wedding planning.

Make it pretty but more importantly, make it happy!

About Us 2